Certified Professors evaluate your Speaking and Writing

EduSynch’s CEFR Level Test is one of the only level tests in the world that allows your speaking and writing submissions to be reviewed by a certified professor.

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Download and print your personalized EduSynch CEFR Level Test Certificate

After completing your CEFR Level Test, you will receive a full report about your performance. You will also receive a personalized certificate showcasing your CEFR Level (A1, A1+, A2-…B2, B2+, C1) for each of the four skills - Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing - as well as your Overall CEFR Level, in PDF format.

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Detailed analysis and analytics

After taking the CEFR Level Test, you will be able to see detailed performance data and time management data. Use these insights to identify where your weaknesses are for each skill: Reading, Listening Speaking, and Writing.

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Hear what 500,000+ users around the world have to say about EduSynch

Chandrahas Reddy
Inkabeel College of Engineering

I've have used your app extensively for my TOEFL preparation. I just got my TOEFL results and ended up with a great score - 113 (R 28 L 30 S 27 W 28)! I really have to thank you guys for making this app. It has helped me ace the listening section and significantly improved my reading scores. The questions are of high quality and closely resembled the questions I encountered on the test day. Thanks a lot!

Ojas Tayal
Indian Institute of Technology

I'd like to thank EduSynch for this wonderful platform they have created which assists users to carry out focused and comprehensive practice for the TOEFL iBT. A very cooperative and highly responsive team also makes the entire experience worthwhile. I am a student of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India and I'm aiming to clear the TOEFL for pursuing my Master's degree abroad.

Gabriel Saruhashi
Colégio Bandeirantes

EduSynch’s realistic practice environment was exactly what I needed to finally break the 110 mark (I got a 117/120!) With detailed analysis and projected scores for each skill, I knew exactly when I was ready to take the test. I just got into Yale! Thank you EduSynch!

Amit Chakraborty
Indian Institute of Technology

Everyday it took almost 2 hrs to go to the lab where i was involved in my thesis project (M. Tech) and this was the time when i used this app a lot to ace my reading and listening skills. This app really came handy in getting full use of my leisure time. The score, displayed after every practice session, boosted my confidence a lot. I got overall 106 and 27 and 28 in reading and listening respectively. Wishing all the best to your team.