Placement Testing for New Students using CEFR

Save hours of time placing new students into their courses using EduSynch’s CEFR Level Test. Using a team of certified professors to evaluate the Speaking and Writing skills, EduSynch is the easiest way to test and place new students. With 14 CEFR Levels (A0, A1-, A1...B2, B2+, C1) for each skill - Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing - know exactly where to enroll your students.

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Reliable Results and AI-driven Fraud Prevention

Say goodbye to cheating. EduSynch uses sophisticated AI-based proctoring to eliminate fraud. Webcam-enabled safeguards, retina tracking of candidates, and suspicious mouse movement detection prevent foul play among students, guaranteeing accurate and reliable test results for your organization.

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Level Testing and Progress Tracking for Existing Students

Test your existing students at the end of their course and measure their progress via EduSynch’s dedicated Teacher platform. Compare and contrast groups of students and classes to determine how to properly move existing students between courses.

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Whitelabeling and Custom-branded Certificates

Whitelabel the EduSynch platform with your university/school colors and logo to deliver a more immersive experience to your students. Provide custom-branded certificates to your students with your institution’s logo after their exit tests, all directly through the EduSynch platform.

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